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Negligent Security

A business owner owes a duty to patrons of their business to provide safe premises. Owners of hotels, shopping malls, gas stations, bars, restaurants, and other businesses should be aware of the environment where their business is located and ensure adequate security is provided. Negligent security lawsuits occur when a person suffers a criminal attack that may have been prevented if the area where the person was attacked had been adequately secured.

Examples of Negligent Security

  • Mugging that happens at a bank ATM
  • Shooting that occurs inside of a nightclub, or in the parking lot
  • Sexual assault that occurs in a parking garage
  • A robbery that occurs at a concert
  • Stabbing that occurs in a hotel lobby

Reasonable Security Measures

When determining whether a business owner is liable under a negligent security claim, it is important to review any security measures that the owners have for the premises. This may include:

  • Security Cameras
  • Well-lit Staircases
  • Security Guards
  • Gated Entryways
  • Emergency Alarms
  • Intercom Systems
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