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An insurance claim is an official request made by a policyholder to their insurance company to receive compensation against the covered loss or the policy event. It covers everything from death benefits to comprehensive medical tests. However, before diving into the procedure, it is imperative to understand that all personal injury cases are unique. To acquire your insurance benefits, you should immediately document the claim with the insurance company after the accident. This speeds up the scrutinization process, enabling you to receive adequate compensation for the damages caused to you and your vehicle.

Here’s a step-by-step guide for your assistance to file
motor injury insurance claim:

Report and notify about the accident and the injury sustained

The first and foremost step in the claiming process is to report and inform the relevant person or authority about the happening of the accident. For instance, if you have got injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is essential to inform the police and obtain a Traffic Incident Number (TIN). It is also advisable to contact your injury lawyer to understand more about your role, rights, and responsibilities regarding the accident. You should also declare your injury to the concerned local authority if you are injured in a public place.

Seek medical assistance

Medical and diagnostic reports such as the medical certificates along with prescriptions obtained from a doctor formulate a robust piece of evidence to support your claim. Therefore, it is essential to consult a reputed and experienced doctor to ensure better treatment, faster recovery, and to initiate a successful compensation claim.

Prepare documentation and lodge a claim

Make sure you follow the correct procedure to lodge a compensation claim with the relevant authority. While claiming for worker’s compensation, you should take the assistance of your personal injury lawyer to file the claim to your employer in the specified format. However, while filing a claim for a motor vehicle injury, it is advisable to take legal assistance while applying for the claim with the insurance company of the other party (owner/driver of the motor vehicle).

Seek legal advice

After the happening of the personal injury incident, seeking legal advice from a competent and experienced personal injury expert will enable you to stay aware of the following:

  • Your legal rights are involved in a personal injury claim.
  • How to proceed while being involved in such a claim.
  • Other relevant details, including the time frame to complete the entire process.

The note about the acceptance or rejection of your claim may take up to 28 business days. If accepted, you may receive:

  • Weekly wage or out of pocket expenses
  • Repayment of medical expenses
  • Referrals of rehabilitation providers or medical specialists

However, it is advisable to explore the further option available with your lawyer in case of rejection.

Attain the necessary treatment

Once the compensation is accepted, you should receive all the necessary medical treatment while still pursuing the compensation claim for personal injury.


Depending on your policy, you can claim the following damages during a personal injury:

  • Loss of income
  • Domestic assistance
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other costs or losses that may arise
  • Expenses associated with medical treatment

It is best to discuss with your personal injury lawyer if you receive any monetary compensation against your claim. It will save you from relinquishing your right to claim further damages or receiving payment less than your actual entitlements.

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