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A Step-By-Step Guide To Filing A Motor Vehicle Injury Insurance Claim

December 10, 2021
Joseph Discepola

An insurance claim is an official request made by a policyholder to their insurance company to receive compensation against the covered loss or the policy event. It covers everything from death benefits to comprehensive medical tests. However, before diving into the procedure, it is imperative to understand that all personal...

Proving Your Motor Vehicle Case

December 7, 2021
Joseph Discepola

A motor vehicle injury can be a traumatic and emotionally exhausting incident in anyone’s life. Some severe injuries may require time to heal, preventing you from working or attending to urgent matters. Being injured or involved in an accident does not directly enable you to obtain fair compensation. The circumstances of every...

All About Medical Malpractice In the USA

August 3, 2021
Joseph Discepola

Medical malpractice happens when a health care provider, such as a nurse, doctor, or a hospital, deviates from the “standard care” and causes injury to the patient. The error could be in the form of dosage miscalculation, diagnosis, health management, treatment, or aftercare. As per the data, approximately 15,000-19,000 lawsuits are...

A Brief Introduction to Florida Tort Law For Negligence

July 23, 2021
Joseph Discepola

Tort is a legal term that refers to a personal injury caused by a civil violation. So if a party causes you an injury, you can take civil action against them. Tort law aims to provide compensation to the victim who has endured an injury, undue loss, or suffering caused...

Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Home Negligence & Violation of Residents’ Rights

June 9, 2021
Joseph Discepola

Nursing home neglect is a tragic but not uncommon issue in the United States. It happens when seniors do not get the proper care and suffer physical or mental health problems as a result. The problem can occur anywhere and can take many shapes. What makes this particularly disturbing is that...